Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the commuter

I have always wanted to write about commuting to places.
I envy those who own a car. They can go to any place 

they want anytime. Since we don’t own a car, my mother
taught me some few tricks on how to go to new places.
Specially in Manila.

     • Ask persons who has been to the place.
       Ask the jeepney drivers and barkers. Don’t be shy.

     • Remember the buildings(banks, schools, gas stations ,
       government buildings, etc) you passed by.

     • Read jeepney signs that you encounter. That way you
       will know which jeep to take when you go back.

     • The internet has helped a lot. Google map can only show
        you the road and familiar landmarks. So you need to research.

My first time to commute alone to Manila was to visit Quiapo church.
I was so nervous. I took the wrong bus. I was supposed to take
the Lawton Bus but took the Pasay bus instead. There was a kind
mother with her child who told me to get the jeep to Baclaran
and get down at Taft Avenue. From there I took the Cubao jeep
and got down in Quiapo.

From that experience I told myself to learn other routes of my
destination besides the usual way. Always have a plan B if possible.

My work has given me the opportunity to travel to Manila weekly.
But we used the company car to pick up computer supplies from
different distributors. I ask the guards from these warehouses but
they can only tell me so much. I befriended delivery drivers and
couriers.  From them I learned some shortcuts to these places.
They tell me where there are heavy traffic and sometimes they
are kind enough to give us their parking space.

I wanted to share my experience so others will not have difficulty
in commuting.